I have been a client of Mark’s for over five years for treatment of repetitive stress musculoskeletal symptoms related to high volume computer use.

Mark is a highly skilled massage professional with excellent clinical skills and interpersonal skills. He always conducts himself in a highly professional manner and is up-to-date with current clinical practices in his field.  I offer him my highest recommendation.

Phillip B., MD
West Falmouth

Mark is delightful at every level! His warm, welcoming personality and calming presence, combined with sensitive and strong professional touch, lead to dynamic bodywork sessions.  In his care, my body is able to release years’ worth of tension, and I know this is contributing to renewed health and general wellbeing.

Karen H.

On November 27, 2009, I was involved in a serious automobile accident. I fractured my anterior pelvis and shattered my acetabulum secondary to impact which drove the head of my femur into my pelvis. As a result, I had considerable limitations; non-weight bearing, excessive scar tissue internally via incisions, significant tightness and weakness in my right hip and leg and nerve damage resulting in foot drop.

The day after Christmas in 2009, I received my first therapeutic massage with Mark. He has been a part of my recovery program ever since. Mark’s skill as a therapist has contributed greatly to my healing process. He checks in with me prior to each session to assess my current physical condition and provides customized treatment based on his knowledge and my preference. He is thoroughly professional and positive, and our sessions leave me feeling refreshed, renewed and ready to engage the week.

Jay L.
East Falmouth 


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