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Integrative Massage • Neck, Back, and Shoulder Massage • Oncology Massage • Deep Tissue Massage

Soothing and deeply restorative, this massage is a respite from stress. Classic Swedish massage is combined with a variety of therapeutic massage techniques to foster overall health and well being. Whether full body or localized spot work, light, medium or deeper pressure, this massage is customized to meet your needs. Receive relief from muscle tension and bring yourself into physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing.


60 Minute Integrative Session

  • $105.00
  • Package of Three: $290.00 (Save $25)

90 Minute Integrative Session

  • $135.00
  • Package of Three: $375.00 (Save $30)

Focused specifically on the areas in which we hold a tremendous amount of tension and strain, this massage concentrates on the hot spots of the back, neck, and shoulders. A great way to reduce tension and to relieve built up stress.


30 Minutes

  • $50.00
  • Package of Three $140.00 (Save $10)

Cancer is challenging. Oncology massage can help you or someone you know minimize the pain, anxiety and side effects associated with treatment. With advanced training in oncology massage I can offer a safe, non-invasive, customized treatment. If you or someone you love is battling cancer, consider massage as a therapeutic, nurturing choice to help navigate this difficult journey.

Benefits of Massage for People with Cancer

  • Reduce Anxiety
  • Enhance Body Image
  • Relieve Nausea and Vomiting
  • Ease Pain
  • Ease Muscle Tension
  • Promote Sleep and Relaxation
  • Support Immunity
  • Support Caregivers


60 Minutes

  • $105.00

“Our hands are marvelous transmitters for loving-kindness.”

– Irene Smith, Founder, Service through Touch

Mark has received training in Oncology Massage Therapy through the intensive; “Caring for Clients with Cancer” taught by researcher, writer, educator and specialist in massage and cancer care, Tracy Walton. This course combined the art and science of touch to create safe, effective massage sessions for clients with cancer or a cancer history. For more information visit Tracy Walton & Associates

Deep tissue massage is designed to penetrate the muscles by applying strong and focused pressure to the body. Unlike most light and relaxing forms of massage, deep tissue is commonly used to treat injuries, chronic pain, tension, and to alleviate the body from knots. Strenuous and impactful, deep tissue massage stimulates and heals.


60 Minute Deep Tissue Session

  • $120.00

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